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Will Wednesdays

“Well done little man! You’re such a good boy!”
“Stop being so patronising!”
“I wasn’t, was I?”
“You were doing the patronising voice, dad. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. I’m not a bloody dog!”
“Sorry mate, but it’s a pretty big deal!”
“Sitting on the potty? Really?”
“Well, considering how many times you’ve fallen off it and clattered into the side of the bath or door frame while trying to do so, I would consider it a milestone, yes.”
“Hey! Backing this big ol’ booty up with any degree of accuracy isn’t easy, you know.”
“I know that all too well. Sorry mate, that’s unfortunately one of the few things you actually got from me.”
“Thanks a bunch.”
“That and the massive ears.”
“Quite the contribution, Dad. It’s a good job I get everything else from mum!”
“Yeah, agreed.”
“Anyway, what’s the big deal with…

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